Webconferences.com has developed courses, workshops and seminars for web-based delivery since the year 2000. With a solid background in online training and professional development, webconferences.com’s well-qualified team helps the client with design, development, delivery and evaluation of web based training programs.


Webconferences.com has worked with the Catholic Distance University in offering their semester- long graduate and undergraduate courses. We have collaborated closely with their team to provide student access, to format course content for online delivery, and to set up the course online. After the course is underway our team provides facilitation and technical support and at the end creates and administers a course evaluation survey.


Another area of webconferences training support is the development and implementation of short online seminars, which have been done with Catholic Distance University and with other academic organizations. These seminars have been conducted for training, strategic planning, or academic credentialing purposes.


Webconferences.com has provided online workshop support for thousands of educators who have engaged in 3-week online professional development training workshops, primarily for science education.

In this work webconferences.com has supported the College of Exploration, a non-profit organization that has grants from NOAA, National Science Foundation and National Geographic.